Employer Branding – building your recruitment strategy

Your Employer Brand?

Employer Branding is an organisation’s reputation as an employer.  It is the image that your organisation has to your current employees and the external market place.  This includes future candidates, clients, customers and other key stakeholders.  It is the sum of a company’s efforts to communicate to existing staff as to what makes this place a good place to work.

Employer branding is linked to your ability to attract new candidates, engage with them and retain them.  So how important is this in recruitment and how can you build your brand with new candidates?

When interviewing for any position within your organisation you are offering all the candidates a snap shot as to what it would be like to work for you.  How do you think you fare?

Are your recruiting managers punctual?  professional?  Do they give all candidates a sense of worth during their meeting?  Are they really interested in what this potential top performer sat infront of them has to say?  How do they represent your brand?

Often the recruiting manager sat infront of a candidate is the first view they get of your company reality after the glossy brochure.  Surely even candidates who are clearly a poor fit for your organisation deserve to see a glimpse into a company that they would have loved to work for…rather than one that they were glad didn’t want to take them any further?  Engage with all the candidates you interview during your recruitment drives, they will help to spread your branding in the external market place.


About emeraldstarfish

I run a recruitment and training consultancy specialising in working with companies to improve their volume recruitment processes, enabling them to make better recruitment decisions and reduce their recruitment costs. We offer a bespoke service, outsourcing parts of the recruitment process to reduce your costs and find better recruitment solutions.
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