Positive and Negative Indicators for Competency Based Interviews

Competency Based Interviews are an excellent tool for assessing candidates.  They work on the premise that past performance is an indicator for future success, and are based on reviewing behaviours and outcomes in certain situations.

For each competency that you are assessing you should have a list of positive and negative indicators which you use to review your candidates answers against.  Although these are laborious to produce they are the best way of assessing a candidate’s level of competence for your role.  They also give the candidates a mark or a score, which then makes it easier to compare candidates and also reduces subjectivity.  Scoring also eliminates differences in interview styles if you are part of a team assessing a range of candidates.

For help in designing your competency based questions and assessing the positive and negative indicators please call 07584 483570 or visit the Emerald Starfish website


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I run a recruitment and training consultancy specialising in working with companies to improve their volume recruitment processes, enabling them to make better recruitment decisions and reduce their recruitment costs. We offer a bespoke service, outsourcing parts of the recruitment process to reduce your costs and find better recruitment solutions.
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